Applications and Expertise for Metallurgy

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Fatigue failure on inclusion

The services offered by DATAMET are structured around the following fields of competence, directly resulting from our industrial experience.


Through partnerships with industrial and academic laboratories, DATAMET is able to achieve expertise on your materials:

  • characterization of micro-inclusions according to various standards,
  • structural characterization (phase fraction, grain size, particle size, decarburization, spheroidization...),
  • characterization of the mechanical properties (hardness, tensile test, Charpy impact test...),
  • failure analysis...


DATAMET also offers training on demand, tailored to your needs and your teams, on topics such as:

  • introduction to general metallurgy,
  • phase transformations during heat treatments of steels,
  • characterization of inclusions and microstructures by metallography,
  • image analysis applied to metallography,
  • steelmaking and primary transformation by the steelmaker: process used and metallurgical effects on the semi-finished delivered product,
  • hot forming and heat treatment: influence on the obtained structures and their use properties...

Survey and consulting

One of the goals of DATAMET is to provide support to its customers in term of:

  • method of characterization, particularly of inclusions,
  • method of control by image analysis,
  • database treatment,
  • relevant metallurgical controls: decoding the standards, and associated characterization techniques with their limitations,
  • assistance in the drafting of material specifications,
  • process improvement and problem solving implementation,
  • failure mode of the final product and influence of process parameters,
  • organization and of optimization of product quality management (including metallurgical control),
  • quality system consulting and use of quality tools: process approach, audit, causal analysis, FMEA, control plan, statistical process control...



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