Applications and Expertise for Metallurgy

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METALIA is software composed of different modules helping to characterize the various metallurgical structures.

The main features of METALIA make it possible:

  • to drive the camera and movement of the microscope stage,
  • to carry out measurements at least as quickly as « manually »,
  • to obtain more reliable results than « manually »,
  • to obtain more exhaustive results than « manually »,
  • to obtain information about the accuracy of measurement,
  • to obtain a report of the results in an automatic way,
  • to guarantee the saving of the results and their traceability,
  • to be able to use images from different sources,
  • to supply a database with new data automatically after each measurement.

Furthermore, the structure of the software allows to add new modules quickly according to customers’ needs.

Version 4 of METALIA is composed of the following modules:


METALIA interface is user-friendly.

It consists of thematic pages appearing in a sequential way thanks to a system of « next / back » buttons. It is possible to go to the next page only if the required input data are entered by the operator. The pages of the interface do not have tabs. Thus, there are no hidden parameters.

Example of METALIA interface during measurement of ferrite phase fraction in a ferrito-pearlitic steel:




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