Applications and Expertise for Metallurgy

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SPECI is software which allows the treatment of files of results obtained by using the technique of OES-PDA (Optical Emission Spectrometry with Pulse Discrimination Analysis).

Compared to the metallographic methods by optical or electron microscopy, the major interest of OES-PDA is the speed of measurement, about ten minutes approximately.

This technique is therefore particularly suitable for obtaining results during steelmaking on samples coming from the molten steel bath.

The principle of the OES-PDA is the atomization of a micro-volume at the surface of the sample at each spark. According to the wavelengths detected in the plasma, which are characteristic of the various elements present in the steel, various peaks are obtained whose intensity is proportional to the composition of the elementary atomized volume.

The principal possibilities of SPECI software are:

  • reading of files with different morphologies according to the type of spectrometer,
  • the determination of the characteristic peaks by various methods of treatments,
  • the production of various graphs of results.




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